Apple TV 4 to be powered by brand new ‘tvOS’

With just a few hours until Apple’s keynote, a series of trademark filings for the name ‘tvOS’ have been discovered by MacRumors, indicating that the Apple TV’s new operating system will indeed be referred to as ‘tvOS’, which would be in line with the naming convention for iOS and watchOS platforms.

As expected, it will also be the first Apple TV platform with an App Store and access to third-party apps and games. In addition to a Periscope app, which we’ve already heard about, sources say we can expect an Airbnb app, and likely a whole lot more apps and games.

“In another similarity to Apple’s previous trademark patterns, Television OnStream LLC conveniently shortens to an acronym of “tvOS”, much as Apple previously hid its “iPad” trademark behind a company named IP Application Development,” the publication writes.
The ‘tvOS’ trademarks refer to a November 2014 filing made in Jamaica, a frequent location for Apple’s initial filings.

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