Apple to Launch 'Revamped iPad Keyboard', New Metal Finishes for Apple Watch?

Apple’s media event on September 9 is going to be busy. While announcing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would probably be enough, the Cupertino-based company has a lot more in the works to show off on stage.

That includes new iPads. Earlier rumors had suggested we’d see a successor to the iPad Air 2, but now recent reports have seemingly confirmed that while an iPad Air 3 is indeed in the works, that won’t be unveiled until 2016. Instead, in just under a week, we’ll be introduced to the iPad Pro and iPad mini 4. The larger of the two new iPads will have support for a Force Touch-enabled stylus, too, based on reports.

Now, adding to the iPad rumors is a recent report from The New York Times, which states that Apple is currently working on a “revamped iPad keyboard.” Unfortunately, what that actually entails, or even any details at all, remain unknown, as the report does not go into any detail.
“Apple will also showcase updated iPads, according to a person briefed on the product. And the company is putting the finishing touches on a revamped iPad keyboard that may be available by the end of the year.”
Recently, it was also confirmed that Apple will showcase new Apple Watch Sport bands at the event, but the aforementioned report from the NYT also states that Apple will unveil new “metal finishes” for the Apple Watch, too. That includes a “less expensive gold option,” but how much cheaper it will be remains unknown. What these other finishes might look like is unknown, too.

“Other products that may surface include new metal finishes for the Apple Watch, including a less expensive gold version, people close to the product said.”



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