Apple Pay transaction limit rises to £30 in the U.K.

When Apple Pay launched in the United Kingdom in mid-July, it was limited to transactions up to £20 without entering in a PIN number or signature, a cap imposed on almost all contactless payments in the country. Tuesday, the cap rose to £30 per touchless payment without entering a PIN number or providing your signature.

“The move follows a huge rise in the number of people using contactless cards in the UK,” reports BBC News. “Transactions for the first half of this year totalled £2.5bn, already higher than the £2.32bn spent in 2014.”

However, UK residents won’t be able to pay with Apple Pay without entering a PIN until merchants upgrade their contactless payment terminals with a technology called Consumer Device Cardholder Verification Method. Some retailers have been operating terminals with a higher transaction limit for Apple Pay.

“The UK Cards Association, which decided on the change, says that £30 covers common usages like an average supermarket spend, as well as most payments made in pubs, cinemas, gift shops, and elsewhere,” noted The Verge.

After launching in the United States last October and in the United Kingdom this summer, Apple’s mobile payment solution should hit Canada, China, Australia and other major markets in the coming months.


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