Apple Car now a ‘committed project,’ with a target ship date of 2019

Apple’s rumored electric project, code-named Project Titan, has sped up development as the Cupertino company now targets 2019 as a prospective shipping date, The Wall Street Journal said Monday.

The company may be trying to keep the project a secret, just as it does with every project, but that hasn’t stopped the Rumor Mill from ejecting a constant barrage of speculation. Indeed, back in February of this year a report surfaced that suggested Apple was aiming for a ship date of 2020, with production kicking off early in the year. Of course, there are reports of Apple’s hiring for “Project Titan,” including a senior engineer from Tesla Motors.

“Leaders of the project have been given permission to triple the 600-person team,” the people familiar with the matter told the paper.

As the project now has an official Engineering Program Manager, Apple is reportedly moving to “coordinate the work of teams of hardware and software engineers,” reported the British newspaper last week.

Apple executive had a meeting last month with officials at California’s department of motor vehicles (DMV) to “review DMV’s autonomous vehicle regulations.”

The Guardian said in another report that Apple leased in secrecy a private facility testing site at GoMentum Station in California to road-test its vehicle.

It should be worth noting that even as Apple eyes a target ship date of 2019, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the year that consumers could get behind the wheel of Apple’s electric vehicle. That could be the target date for when engineers sign off on the finalized product, and then, at some point in the near future, production would begin. This could mean that aforementioned 2020 date is still on course.

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