VideoPane 2.0 update brings a redesigned UI, support for additional apps, and more [Updated]

Today, Ryan Petrich teased his upcoming release, VideoPane2—the follow-up to the popular picture-in-picture video tweak for jailbroken iPhones. VideoPane allows you to multitask and watch videos anywhere on iOS.

The latest update of the tweak makes VideoPane even more awesome by bringing a redesigned UI, support for more iOS 8 apps including those that include DRM and now provides the ability to choose what buttons you’d like to see on the detached video.

VideoPane 2.0 update is already available in Cydia but it’s flagged as a beta version. After taking it for a ride, I can say that it’s a huge improvement over the last version and is much more stable. When you detach videos, the app will now get minimized automatically while displaying the floating window. You’ll also notice a few new buttons that allow you to re-open the app that the video belongs to as well as view it in fullscreen.

Here’s the complete changelog for VideoPane 2.0 beta:
  • Redesign of video view on iOS 8
  • Support many more apps on iOS 8, including those that use DRM
  • Add ability to customize buttons on iOS 8
  • Add Easter Egg
VideoPane 2.0 is available as a free upgrade for users who already purchased the package previously. If you’re a new user, it will cost you $1.99.


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