Twitter trials dedicated News tab inside its iOS app

Twitter is experimenting with a new “Featured News” tab in its mobile apps, reports BuzzFeed. The tab surfaces trending news items, which the social network hopes will keep users engaged.

“We’re experimenting with a news experience on iOS and Android,” a Twitter spokesperson told the publication. “We are continuing to explore new ways to surface the best content to users.”

The News section will display stories from major news organizations like CBS and The New York Times. When you click on a headline you’re interested in, Twitter shows you the story’s image, an excerpt from it, and top tweets discussing the same topic.

The News section looks and feels a lot like Twitter’s old Discover section, but it replaces trending topics with trending news. It’s expected to go hand-in-hand with Twitter’s upcoming “Project Lightning” feed, which will allow users to follow events as well as other users.

It’s unclear when the vast majority of users can expect to see the News section, but for now, it’s in its testing phase and will likely only be available to a small number of people.


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