Twitter has officially removed the 140 character limit from Direct Messages

Two months into the announcement that it would remove the archaic 140-character limit from Direct Messages, Twitter today officially made the move in the hope of taking on popular instant messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, iMessage and others.

As mentioned above, Twitter had already said in June that they would be making the change to its Direct Messages sometime this summer, with the original timeline suggesting the change would arrive in July of this year. Now, according to the original report, the new character limit for DMs is 10,000 characters. That should make it much easier to use Twitter as a messaging platform for those types of messages. As it stands, the standard tweet remains locked at its 140 character limit.

The removal of the 140-character limit from Direct Messages will begin rolling out today across Twitter’s mobile apps for iOS and Android, the web interface over at and in apps like TweetDeck and Twitter for Mac. “Sending and receiving Direct Messages via SMS will still be limited,” Twitter cautioned.

This requires the latest version of Twitter’s apps, so if you want to send longer DMs, make sure you’re updated.


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