The ‘iPhone 6s’ and iPhone 6 displays get compared in a new video

With just a few weeks until Apple’s rumored September 9 media event, small wonder we’re now seeing a bunch of parts for the upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ smartphones leaking out from Asian supply chain.

And now, again, a new video recently published showcases a device that shares plenty of similarities with the device it will replace later this year. The video was published by MacManiak, which is a reseller of various Apple products, including iPhones. In it, the reseller compares the iPhone 6s display with that of the iPhone 6, showcasing similar dimensions, as well as showing that the FaceTime camera on the front of the handset will be located in the same spot.

Holes for the front-facing FaceTime camera and the proximity sensor appear to be unchanged from the present-generation iPhone 6. But as AppleInsider noted, the ribbon connectors have been slightly altered and the shielding on the back of the LCD is now glued into place.

The video runs one minute and 44 seconds long, here it is.

In addition to this video, another leak this morning brought us claimed technical drawing and an accompanying video purportedly showing a fourth-generation iPad mini housing. The leak provides additional clues that the forthcoming device will file as Apple’s slimmest iPad mini yet.

Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones and iPads alongside a next-generation Apple TV with downloadable apps, Siri and a touch-enabled remote at a rumored media event taking place on September 9.

Source: MacManiack via AppleInsider


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