Sprint’s brand new ‘iPhone Forever’ plan lets you pick up a new iPhone anytime you want

Sprint today announced a new plan called “iPhone Forever” that will allow its subscribers to upgrade to the latest iPhone who are using a previous version of the handset. This plan will allow any eligible Sprint customer can walk in to a Sprint store, Best Buy or Target store, upgrade to the iPhone 6, and walk out without paying a penny.

It works like this: if you buy an iPhone 6 with Sprint before September 10 (Apple’s ‘iPhone 6s’ media event is on September 9) and mail in your working smartphone to Sprint, or bring it to one of its retail stores, you’ll be permitted to trade in the device for one of the upcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ models but no later than December 31.

“Bring us any smartphone to trade-in and your regular monthly rate is reduced to just $15 until your next upgrade,” as per Sprint. “But hurry, if you get your iPhone 6 and upgrade before December 31 that upgrade doesn’t stop your discount – it continues all the way until your next upgrade.”

According to the fine print, the offer entails trading in your old smartphone for an entry-level iPhone 6 with sixteen gigabytes of storage. The reduced $15 monthly will remain in effect until your next upgrade, after which it’ll jump back to its normal $22 per month amount.

Put simply, iPhone Forever grants you upgrade eligibility for the newest iPhone in exchange for a flat fee of $22 per month, excluding taxes and service plan charges.

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