Seng is an App Switcher replacement inspired by Auxo

Cydia store is full of many tweaks that focus on changing the App Switcher with a newly redesigned one with tons of features. When it comes to customizing App Switcher the first tweak that comes to everyone's mind is probably Auxo jailbreak tweak. Seng is a new App Switcher replacement that seems to be inspired by Auxo.

Seng takes most of its design queues and functionality from Auxo 3. The only difference is that it supports iOS 8.4 as well unlike Auxo 3 which is still waiting to be compatible with the latest iOS version.

The tweak merges the App Switcher and Control Center into one allowing you to view both of them at the same time. This means that when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen or double press the Home button, the App Switcher will be launched.

The new interface is divided into three sections. By default, the top section displays the AirDrop button, the middle section displays all the app preview cards and the bottom section displays the Quick Launch apps and toggles.

The tweak also allows you to swipe up the Home screen in order to close all the running apps as well as slide up from the bottom left or the bottom right corner of an app to minimize it.
Seng is currently in the beta stage and is available via the developer’s private repo: Once added, you should be able to find it in Cydia.

Remember the tweak still in BETA which means you may face some problems in some circumstances...


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