Philips unveils a new Hue wireless dimming kit

Philips’s ‘Hue’ programmable LED lights can now be controlled in a more traditional fashion with the new Hue Wireless Dimming Kit and white bulbs.

But, the company has yet another product to showcase, adding to the still-growing features list for the light setup. The company has just announced what it calls the Hue wireless dimming kit, along with a new White bulb. The wireless dimming kit will come with one of the White bulbs in the box, and the white bulbs can be purchased separately, too. The kit can be installed on a wall without any effort, and Philips says it will integrate seamlessly with current Hue products.

The Hue Wireless Dimming Kit can be hooked up to Philips’ existing Hue hardware via the company’s Hue bridge accessory to control the standard Hue and Hue Lux lighting.

Each kit comes with a Philips Hue white light bulb and a portable dimmer switch.

And with support for up to ten all-new white Hue bulbs and other Hue products, the remote allows you to control lighting for an entire room at once. The dimmer itself features four control buttons: on, off, brighter and darker.

“Instantly modernize your home lighting. Once you are set up with your Philips Hue wireless dimming kit, you can connect up to 10 Hue lights to the dimmer switch. You can also add a Hue dimmer switch to control the same Hue lights. “
The wireless dimming kit will be available in stores beginning sometime in September of this year. The kit is priced at $39.95, and the individual White bulbs are marked at $19.95.



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