New ‘Typecast’ tweak brings “now typing” and read receipt indicators to the fore

Those of you who have used the Messages app on the Mac would know that the tweak displays a typing indicator that you also see on the conversation screen, on the conversation list. This bubble is there to notify you if someone has started typing even that when person’s conversation page is not opened. The Typecast tweak for jailbroken iOS devices brings the same feature to the Messages app, WhatsApp and Kik messenger on iOS. In addition to adding the typing indicator to the list page it also adds a similar button to Messages app’s icon.

If you’ve ever used TypeStatus, a similar tweak from which Typecast draws inspiration from, then you pretty much know what to expect here from a technical standpoint. But it’s the way that Typecast presents itself, and the fact that it works with additional apps, that makes it warrant a look— even if you already use TypeStatus.

When you install Typecast, you should head over to the stock Settings app and find its preference panel. Inside of the preferences you’ll notice three sections, each corresponding to the three apps that Typecast supports out of the box.

The tweak currently supports Messages, Kik, WhatsApp. However, the developer promises that the tweak will support Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat in the upcoming update..

From my experience, Typecast worked pretty well. I enjoyed the ability to place indicators in the aforementioned three spots, especially inside of the conversation list view. As mentioned, this makes it easier to discern what’s happening during multiple conversation sessions.

Typecast can be had on Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.49. Let know what you think about it by dropping a line down below in the comments.


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