Leak reveals base iPhone 6s model will come with only 16GB storage space

Despite rumors that Apple would finally be dropping its anemic 16GB model for the next iPhone refresh, a new leak from well-respected leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer is suggesting otherwise.

It looks like despite receiving heavy flak for this move, Apple will continue to offer the base variant of the iPhone with only 16GB of storage space, if the leaked rear retail packaging of the iPhone 6s is to be believed.

This issue of iPhones coming with only 16GB of internal storage was even addressed by Phil Schiller, SVP of marketing at Apple, earlier this year. The SVP then said that cloud storage services are more than enough to make up for the lack of gobbles of internal storage space on iPhones. Plus, “most price-conscious customers” are more than able to live with the limited amount of internal storage.

While the new iPhones will ship with the same amount of base storage space as their predecessors, Apple has made many improvements in iOS 9 to make sure that the experience of using any iPhone with a limited amount of storage space is not compromised in anyway. This includes reduced app install size, less free space to install OTA updates, scheduled installation of OTA updates, and more.

What do you think? Will Apple continue to sell a 16GB model for its next iPhone?



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