Hints at a faster iPad mini 4 with full split-view app support found in OS X El Capitan file

The upcoming iPad mini 4 will likely be powerful enough to support the Split View multitasking feature in iOS 9. 9to5Mac points to a resource file discovered by developer Hamza Sood in OS X El Capitan that depicts an iPad mini with two apps running side-by-side.

By way of the developer Hamza Sood, it has been discovered that the iPad mini 4 will likely get full split-view app support within iOS 9 when it launches later this year. The hypothesis was made via a resource file found within OS X El Capitan’s Safari 9, and shows an obvious support for split-view in apps on an iPad mini. While the iPad mini 3 can be used for testing these split-view apps, it’s no secret that the iPad mini 3 does not officially support full split-view apps — something that’s reserved for the iPad Air 2 within this current lineup of iPad models.

That would seem to suggest that Apple is preparing to offer full split-view app support in the iPad mini 4. Indeed, one rumors that has cropped up regarding the upcoming tablet is that it would support a faster processor under the hood, which could very well be a version of the A8 chip found within the current iPad Air 2.

While nothing is definitive at this point, it is a good sign that the iPad mini 4 will get this support when it launches later this year. If that is indeed the case, would you opt for the new iPad mini over a new iPad Air?

Source: 9to5Mac


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