Final Fantasy VII is rolling out now for the iPhone and iPad

Final Fantasy VII, the legendary Japanese RPG that first launched on the original PlayStation back in 1997, is now available for download from the App Store for $15.99. It’s been called one of the most influential RPGs of all time, and now it’s available in handheld form as a universal app for iPhone and the iPad.

As confirmed by 9to5Mac, the noteworthy title is rolling out to the App Store. It’s available right now in the New Zealand digital storefront, and should be rolling out to other localized stores shortly. The company behind the release has said that this is a port from the PC version of Final Fantasy VII, but also note that they haven’t changed anything about the story. So fans of the game that want to jump into the sci-fi RPg all over again have a chance to do so on their iOS device.

From the release note:
Unfortunately, it’s not that it’s not impossible for us to develop Final Fantasy 7 for mobile. It’s that currently, space will be an issue. Phones won’t be able to contain the space it takes. It’s over a gigabyte. People are probably going to have to wait a few years.

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