FCC Leaks New Apple 'Magic Mouse 2' and Wireless Keyboard With Bluetooth LE 4.2

While Apple hasn’t yet officially made the “Magic Mouse 2″ or a new Wireless Keyboard official yet, the FCC’s documentation style has made sure to show off the pair of devices anyway.

The pair of filings actually landed in the FCC’s labyrinth on August 14, according to 9to5Mac, and they seem to showcase a not only a brand new Wireless Keyboard, but also a brand new Magic Mouse, which is known as the Magic Mouse 2, as indicated by the included images of the device.

The big new feature of the new Magic Mouse, at least based on these FCC reports, is the inclusion of Bluetooth LE 4.2. Right now, Apple’s Magic Mouse utilizes Bluetooth 2.0, there’s obviously a nice upgrade when it comes to that specific piece of technology. And, according to Bluetooth’s official website, 4.2 is faster and more secure. Even above that, for many users, Bluetooth 4.2 is more power efficient, too, which means the new Magic Mouse should run even longer.

Playing into the power efficiency, there are indicators in the new FCC filings that (at least) the new mouse will have an integrated Li-on battery pack, which could mean that the days of switching out AA batteries in your Magic Mouse are over. These will also be Apple’s first Bluetooth 4.2 products.



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