Facebook reportedly building a breaking news app with features similar to Twitter

Facebook is working on a standalone mobile news applications, Business Insider reported on Tuesday. The site says the app looks similar to Twitter, in that it will allow publications to blast short, 100 character push notifications to their “followers” when they have urgent news to share.

“Business Insider has reviewed screenshots of the new product and spoken to a source who has been playing around with the Facebook for Business platform.” The outlet believes the app is part of Facebook for Business, but different than the Facebook at Work initiative we saw last year.

This is similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles, it seems, with the focus on being news. However, while Instant Articles made it possible for publishers to keep users within their News Feed, and not forced to open a separate article link in a browser, this is just a full-blown standalone app. That’s not completely out of Facebook’s realm of possibilities, of course, as the platform loves apps.

As it stands right now, Twitter is working on its own news-focused service, too, with reports dating back several months regarding the service’s Project Lightning, which would focus on curated news content.

The news cycle is constantly churning, so it’s no surprise that these services would want to jump on new ways to deliver the content to users.

So what do you think ? Would it be good to see another news app brought to you by Facebook social network company ?


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