Facebook launches ‘M’ within its Messenger app to take on Siri

Facebook on Wednesday began testing a new digital assistant feature called ‘M.’ As explained by Facebook Messenger lead David Marcus, the feature, which lives inside Messenger, is powered by artificial intelligence that can complete tasks and find information on a user’s behalf.

M has a bit more personal touch, even compared to Siri or even Microsoft’s Cortana. Users will be able to actually have limited conversations with M, and the digital personal assistant will ask follow-up questions to some queries in an attempt to glean more information from the user and whatever it is they’re looking for or need. There might be some privacy concerns, though, as there isn’t any details on whether or not when a request is delivered, if it’s actually a computer (M), or a human being performing and completing those tasks on the other end.

M will only have limited access to a user’s information, though, and that includes not being able to look at a user’s Timeline. M will remember what the personal assistant and user talk about, though, and can reuse that information when it’s pertinent. Basically, that means you won’t have to answer the same question multiple times, hopefully.

While M has a limited rollout now, Facebook obviously wants to expand M to a larger user base at some point down the road. When that will be, however, is unknown.


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