Apple TV 4 will reportedly go on sale in October; may cost between $149 – $199

The next-generation Apple TV will launch in October for less than $200, reports 9to5Mac. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the outlet claims that company executives are still finalizing pricing, but the latest options call for a starting price of either $149 or $199.

Irrespective of what price point Apple ultimately choses from either of the two, it will still make the fourth generation Apple TV costlier than its predecessors and even its direct competitors like Roku.

Due to the increased price point of the new Apple TV, Apple will also be keeping the third generation Apple TV around for sale, which currently retails for $69. The device will also get a software update that will bring TV streaming services to it, though it will not get other features that will be seen in its upcoming sibling including Siri and a dedicated App Store. The TV streaming service, however, is not expected to be launched by Apple before next year.

Apple will be unveiling the fourth generation Apple TV along with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at its event scheduled for September 9. The upcoming version of Apple TV will sport more powerful internals, support Siri, be capable of playing back 4K content, a new remote control, and more.


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