Apple ‘thrilled’ as Apple Music secures 11 million subscribers

Ending weeks of speculation, Apple on Thursday at last gave us a number: Apple Music has signed up eleven million people for its three-month free trial, one month after the new music service debuted. The number was officially revealed by Eddy Cue, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services in a statement to USA Today, who said “We’re thrilled with the numbers so far.”

“We’re thrilled with the numbers so far,” Cue said in an interview with USA Today, adding that 2 million of those have chosen to subscribe to Apple Music’s $14.99 a month family plan for six people — one of the service’s big advantages over rivals like Spotify — once their free trial ends.

A June report claimed Apple’s goal was to attract around 100 million users to Music, which would eclipse Spotify’s 75 million active users. Only 15 million of those are paid subscribers, however, so it should take Apple Music too long to surpass that figure if its momentum continues.

Cue added that Apple is “releasing updates as fast as we can” to fix bugs and other issues in Apple Music — like tracks disappearing from playlists and others being mislabeled — some of which have led to criticism of the service in recent weeks.

Apple Music costs $9.99 per month after the trial period, or $14.99 for families of six. If our non-scientific poll is anything to go by, one out of each four users who signed up for free trial plan on continuing to pay for Apple Music once their trial expires.



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