Apple said to unveil new iPhones, iPads and Apple TV at event on September 9

Apple is planning an event for Wednesday, September 9 to announce new products, according to BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski. The well-connected reporter is hearing that the company will use the stage to unveil new iPhones, iPads and Apple TV.

The information was passed along from unnamed sources speaking to the publication, and state that Apple will not only announce a pair of brand new iPhones (the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are said to feature Force Touch in the display, 2GB of RAM, a slightly thicker frame, and improvements to the camera as well), but also new iPads and a brand new Apple TV set-top box.

The inclusion of the iPhone lineup isn’t that big of a surprise, and even the possibility that new iPads will make an appearance wouldn’t be altogether shocking. However, according to the report, the inclusion of the oft-rumored “iPad Pro” is a bit of a “wildcard” still to this point, so it might not show up at all.

As for the new Apple TV, it’s said to feature an A8 processor, Siri, as well as support for an App Store and a brand new remote with a touchscreen.

Source: BuzzFeed


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