Apple expanding retail Apple Watch availability in France from August 21

The Apple Watch will be available in some additional locations in France beginning tomorrow, August 21, French blog iPhoneAddict reported Thursday.

The Apple Watch will first go on sale at The Fnac’s Champs Elysées store on August 21 and through its website, while other Fnac stores will start selling the smartwatch within the next week. It is likely that Fnac will not carry all the variants of the Apple Watch in its stores, though it is unclear which variants the retail store giant will sell and which it will not.

Increasing the retail availability of the Apple Watch in France will likely lead to an increase in sales of the smartwatch, especially since Apple only has around 18 stores in the country with most of them concentrated around Paris, while Fanc has more than 100 stores throughout France.

Earlier this month, Apple expanded the retail availability of the Apple Watch to Best Buy in the United States and Canada.


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