WAQuickReply is a new Quick Reply tweak for WhatsApp

If you’re looking to have true native quick reply for WhatsApp on iOS, you may want to consider jailbreaking your iPhone. A new tweak from WhatsApp-centric developer iMokhles allows for quick reply from both the Lock screen and traditional banner notifications.

The tweak allows you to quickly reply to WhatsApp messages from anywhere using the notification banner or directly from the Lock screen. When a new WhatsApp notification arrives on the Lock screen, swiping it to the left allows you to reply back to the message without even launching the app.

Once you install WAQuickReply, you’ll need to reboot your iPhone and obtain a license. I always hate when developers go the licensing route, because frankly, it’s a pain in the butt. But I do understand why they do it, as the DRM can help cut down on casual pirates.

Once you get passed the activation part, the quick reply functions work seamlessly. When you receive a message, it is actionable via banner notifications or Lock screen notifications just like a typical iMessage or SMS message is.

WAQuickReply works by using a special backgrounding hack, which is able to keep WhatsApp backgrounded without causing much drain on battery life. Even after you reboot, you can still receive messages and engage in quick reply without launching the WhatsApp app.

I tried WAQuickReply, and it worked just as described. I did find the activation part a bit annoying, but once that was out of the way it was pretty smooth sailing.


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