Twitter for iPhone update finally brings native support for iOS share sheet

As most of you guys know by now, I’ve been a pretty big proponent of the official Twitter app for quite some time. As a former Tweetbot user, I find the official Twitter app to be more engaging.

Apple opened up its share sheet to third-party apps when it released iOS 8 last September, but for some reason, Twitter has avoided using it until now. Instead, the company offered its own sharing options, which weren’t as useful as the native ones.

Now user can tap and hold URLs embedded in tweets to invoke the iOS share sheet, which provides the option to share those URLs with other apps — such as Messages, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even thinks like Things, 2Do, and Wunderlist.

You can also share tweets themselves by tapping the option button (three dots) that appears beneath them, or by tapping and holding the tweet then selecting the “Share via…” button.

SO what are you waiting for ? Go and update Twitter app via App Store..


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