Snapchat cracking down on jailbreak tweaks by locking user accounts

If you’re a fan of Snapchat and you like to use Snapchat-oriented jailbreak tweaks like Phantom, then take note. It appears that Snapchat is beginning to crack down on users who use jailbreak tweaks with its app.

reddit user JaySpike reports on reddit that his Snapchat account was locked “because of plugins”. Jailbreakers are getting the following message when they login:
Oh no! Your account has been locked. Please uninstall any plugins you have have installed and visit
This is not the first time developers have prevented jailbreakers from using their apps. Several banking apps cannot be used if you jailbreak your device. Interestingly in the case Snapchat, they are not cracking down on jailbreakers. They are only cracking down on users who have installed tweaks that break Snapchat’s limitations. While there is an API available to detect whether the device has been jailbroken, it is not clear how Snapchat is detecting tweaks like Phantom.

The developer of Phantom has found out what’s being checked however he needs to figure out how to bypass it in the future.

Some success! I found out what's being checked. Problem is finding where the check is called & how I can evade future Snapchat attack bans.

For now, if you want to use Snapchat then you’ll have to uninstall the Snapchat based jailbreak tweaks, and go to to unlock your account.


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