Siria: Ask Siri about Cydia tweaks

The recent change to Cydia has resulted in a flood of tweaks that allow you to enhance the app. The latest one is a jailbreak tweak called Siria that integrates Cydia into Siri.

The tweak allows you to find out the details about the Cydia packages by asking Siri about it. For instance you could ask Siri what Activator is and it will fetch the package description along with its category and exact name and display it to you. You can also command Siri to open the tweak in Cydia after viewing its description.

Once installed, Siria doesn’t require any additional configuration. Simply launch Siri and ask about a particular Cydia package such as “what is the Cydia package activator”. Siri will then return the exact name of the package, the category it belongs to and its description and will ask whether you want to open it in Cydia.

Siria is a nifty tweak that takes advantage of Siri to allow you to quickly find out about jailbreak packages without requiring you to launch Cydia. The tweak requires you to have Assistant+ already installed on your device. If you don’t have it, you’ll have to purchase it from Cydia for $1.99. Assistant+ allows you to create custom Siri responses which is why Siria depends on it to deliver its functionality.

The tweak is available for download via BigBoss repo, try it and let us know your opinion..


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