Siri will call the police if you ask it to charge your iPhone

When your iPhone’s battery is low and you’re nowhere near a charger, you may find yourself desperately calling out for help from Siri. But be careful. Calling Siri to charge your iPhone will actually cause it to call the police, and you’ll have just five seconds to stop it.

Using the command “Siri charge my phone 100 percent” on an iPhone will trigger the virtual assistant to begin calling the police, and nobody really knows why. But you only have five seconds to cancel it, and if you don’t, you will potentially end up pranking the emergency services accidentally.

Of course, this is an offense, and it could result in a hefty fine. But is this a bug, or a hidden feature?

“We’re not sure exactly why this happens,” reports The Verge, “it could just be a bug, of course — but one consequence is that it could be used in some sort of home invasion scenario, allowing someone to secretly call the police without attracting attention.”

You may check it by yourself, however make sure that you cancel the command before calling 911..


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