Rovio Announces Angry Birds 2 is Coming on July 30th

There’s still life left in the Angry Birds franchise as developer Rovio today announced that the official sequel to the original bird-flinging game that started it all will be releasing across mobile platforms in a fortnight, on Thursday, July 30.

“Back in December 2009, when we were just a small games studio, we released our 52nd game featuring colorful birds, green pigs, a slingshot and a super catchy theme tune. Fast forward to 2015 and that game, Angry Birds, has taken the world by storm,” noted Rovio.

The various Angry Birds games that have been released in the past six years have amassed more than three billion downloads and given birth to multiple mashups and spin-offs, such as Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Stella, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Transformers, Angry Birds GO!, Angry Birds Epic, to name but a few.

Angry Birds 2, which Rovio positions as “the mother of all sequels,” will join a total of fifteen games based on the Angry Birds franchise.

Rovio has pledged to shed more light on Angry Birds 2 on July 28 in the run-up to its launch date. More information is available at the official Angry Birds 2 website, where you can register your interest to get notified when the game hits the App Store.


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