Report claims the 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ will launch after mid-November

Apple’s rumored jumbo-sized iPad may be available in limited quantities when it first ships in mid-November as the Cupertino company has been “rather cautious” with build orders for the device, according to DigiTimes, a hit-and-miss outlet.

Foxconn, which will be manufacturing the tablet, will start supplying components to Apple from late-September itself.

The rumored iPad Pro was expected to be unveiled by Apple at its ‘Spring Forward’ event earlier this year, but some last minute supply-chain and display yield issues forced Apple to push back the release date for later this year.

With the tablet market stagnating, Apple has been cautious with the order that it has placed to Foxconn for the tablet. The number of ordered units, apparently, is “much lower” than the expectations of most analysts. The DigiTimes report also claims that Chinese OEMs are looking to capitalise on the launch of the iPad Pro by releasing their own tablets with screen size of anywhere between 10- to 15-inches later this year. These companies are planning on using a chipset from Intel in their devices to maximise their profit margin in the stagnating tablet market.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to come with a new type of touchscreen display with a very low touch latency, Apple’s next generation A9 chipset, 2GB RAM, and a USB Type-C port. Code in iOS 9 suggests that the tablet could boast a display with a 2732 x 2048 resolution display, a bigger on-screen keyboard with an additional number row, and multi-user login support. The company is expected to target the enterprise market with its biggest iPad yet to fuel the slowing growth of its tablet.

It was recently discovered that iOS 9 renders a larger iPad keyboard when run at that resolution with the addition of a number row along with extra keys like Tab and Caps Lock.

Although iPad sales have been declining for a few quarters now, Apple CEO Tim Cook likened the decrease to a speed bump, saying his company isn’t too concerned about the iPad’s future over a longer arc of time.

Source: DigiTimes


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