Purported ‘iPhone 6s’ schematics suggest a slightly thicker body, will keep the Home button

Apple’s next-generation iPhone 6s should measure 7.1mm deep, a 0.2 millimeter increase versus the current-generation iPhone 6, which measures 6.9mm deep. If true, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6s will have the exact same thickness as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, according to a purported schematic leaked Monday to Engadget Japan by a reliable source in the Chinese supply chain.

On Monday, a schematics sheet for what is believed to be the upcoming iPhone 6s managed to find its way out of the Rumor Mill and to the surface, showcasing a device that, for the most part, looks fundamentally the same as the iPhone 6. However, while the majority of changes on the outside may be the same, a report published recently suggested that the changes that Apple does make will be mostly under the hood.

However, the schematics do show one interesting thing: A slightly thicker frame. It’s not a big increase at only 0.2mm, however, it does suggest that it could point out the inclusion of Force Touch technology — another detail that was also rumored not too long ago.

The ports and buttons on the iPhone 6s will stay the same as they are on the iPhone 6, something that’s not all that surprising by itself. OF course, despite some rumors suggesting Apple is considering ditching the physical Home button at some point in the future, that won’t start with the iPhone 6s released this year, and the schematics showcase as much.

The leaked diagram reveals that the design of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will be barely different than that of Apple’s current iPhones, including the protruding camera lens and the antenna lines on the back.

The next-generation iPhones should offer the same storage options as Apple’s current iPhone lineup. The devices will be reportedly made from a 60 percent stronger Series 7000 aluminum that Apple developed for the Apple Watch Sport.
A sketchy report by the Chinese blog Feng claims the forthcoming iPhones could come outfitted with a sharper, higher-resolution Retina screen: a Full HD screen on the iPhone 6s model matching the Full HD display of the present-generation 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, with the iPhone 6s Plus reportedly gaining an ultra-sharp 2K Retina screen.

Source: Engadget Japan


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