iOS 9 beta 3: what’s new

As promised, Apple released the third beta for iOS 9 on Wednesday, July 8. And, as is par for the course, it didn’t take long before the content that Apple added made it to the surface.

While the third beta for iOS 9 isn’t huge, there are several notable new additions to the platform. Of course, the biggest addition is Apple Music in general, with iOS 9 beta testers now able to access Apple’s music streaming service. Music isn’t the only addition worth noting, though:

I’ve stumbled upon something that instantly brought a smile to my face: a pair of brand new dedicated folders inside the Photos app.

One aggregates screenshots taken by holding down the power and Home button at the same time. The other is for face shots you take with your iPhone’s front-facing camera, as first noted by The Verge.

iOS 8’s Photos has a number of dedicated folders to distinguish between regular photos, videos, panoramic images, burst shots, time-lapse photography and even the photos marked as favorites.

I mean, has it not been ticking you off that screenshots taken on an iOS device are dumped straight into the Camera roll? As someone who takes a lot of screenshots on his iOS devices on any given day, I hate to see them polluting my Camera roll.
News app
With the launch of the third iOS 9 beta, Apple has also launched Apple News, the company’s Flipboard-like news application. As it stands right now, the News app appears to be only available for U.S.-based iOS 9 users, but for those that can access it, you’ll have curated news topics, a wide arrangement of sources to choose from, and vibrant articles to peruse through.

Apple Music

Apple Music is now included with iOS 9, which gives access to the music streaming service, Beats 1 radio and the new Connect feature.

Two-Factor Authentication

As mentioned in a previous news piece, Apple is reaping its two-step verification process and making it a full-fledged, more streamlined security option with even more options for users to secure their iOS and OS X-based devices moving forward.

New 4×4 arrangement in iPad folders

One small change for folders on iPads running the third beta for iOS 9 is a new 4×4 layout, rather than the older 3×3 layout. With this new arrangement, Apple has also made it possible to add 105 more apps per folder.
High Quality on Cellular:

New setting toggle for high quality music streaming over cellular.

Selfie and Screenshots Photos folders

There are two new folders within the Photos app, which includes Selfies and Screenshots.

Search Improvements.

Now swiping down on a Home page will bring up the Search option, but Siri app suggestions will now be presented.


Within the third iOS 9 beta, users will not be able to use the camera button to snap photos.


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