iFixit Posts Teardown of the New iPod Touch 6G [Photos]

iFixit has posted a teardown of the new iPod touch 6G released earlier this week. it’s been confirmed that the new A8-equipped iPod touch does indeed come with 1GB of RAM. Of course, the teardown also revealed plenty of what we already knew, including the aforementioned inclusion of the A8 processor, and the M8 coprocessor as well. The inclusion of Bluetooth 4.1 is a nice addition for the portable device, as it offers less interference with LTE bands, improved power management, faster data transfer and is supposed to be more reliable.

The battery is measured in at 1043mAh (the 5th-gen iPod touch’s battery measured in at 1030mAh), which Apple says will get owners 40 hours of music playback. If your jam is more about video, though, Apple notes the new iPod touch will last upwards of 8 hours.

Apple officially launched the new iPod touch, along with refreshed colors for the iPod nano and shuffle, just two days ago. The prices start at $199 for the 16GB variant, and shoot up to $399 for the new 128GB option, with 32GB and 64GB options in between. For those that want to take full advantage of Apple Music, it’s been recently revealed that the new iPod nano and shuffle won’t sync offline tracks from the music streaming service, so for those folks, the iPod touch is the only worthwhile option.



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