How to get Android-inspired cellular signal and Wi-Fi status bar icons

After my last few screenshots and videos, I’ve received numerous questions on Twitter, via email, and via the comments section about my status bar icons. More specifically, people are dying to know how I was able to get those cool-looking Android L-inspired cellular signal and Wi-Fi signal icons.

To get these awesome looking status bar icons, open Cydia and search for Android Solid, which is a free download. Once you download it, you may need to reboot if you don’t already have WinterBoard.
Open the Settings app, and find the WinterBoard preference panel. Find the Android Solid entries, and check both WiFi and Cell. There are also two condensed versions, but I prefer the look of the normal versions. You can use condensed if you prefer.

One you enable the two themes, tap the back button and tap respring. Once you do, you should see the new Android L-styled Wi-Fi and cellular signal meters in your status bar.

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