Emoji83+ enables the hidden Spock emoji on your iPhone [Jailbreak tweak]

Need more emojies on your iPhone ? If you are very keen on using emojis on your device then you probably want to check out a new recently release called Emoji83+, this tweak allows you to access hidden

The tweak enables the new Vulcan salute or Spock emoji and all the flag emojis which are available in iOS 8.3 or later but hidden. The Spock Emoji comes with skin tone options as well like the face Emojis.

After installing the tweak, there are no settings to configure. Simply launch the emoji keyboard and scroll to the ‘Travel & Places’ section of the keyboard where the flags are located. You’ll notice that a range of new flags are now available to use.

If you send these new emojis to anyone with an iOS 8.3 or higher device, they will be able to see it even if they are not jailbroken. The reason is that Apple has built these Emojis into iOS 8.3 but hasn’t made them available yet. The Vulcan salute emoji works with iOS 8.3 and above devices only whereas the flags have been tested to work with iOS 8.1 as well.

If you’re interested to check out the new emojis, head to Cydia and install Emoji83+ for free from BigBoss repo. Let us know how it goes in the comments section below.


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