Beijing Police shuts down a factory that produced over 41,000 units of fake iPhones

The Beijing Police have managed to track and shut down a factory that had produced more than 41,000 counterfeit units of iPhones. Some of the units produced by this factory even made its way to the United States.

The fake iPhones amounted for as much as 120 million yuan ($19 million). The Beijing Police arrested nine people in relation to this case, including a married couple who were the head of the operation. The factory was run under a disguise of a gadget maintenance shop in the northern outskirts of Beijing. The Police had raided the factory back in May itself, but only chose to disclose the details about it now in a post through their social media account.

The factory apparently employed “hundreds” of workers who were to repackage cheaper components inside an iPhone-like looking smartphone for export. The Beijing Police was tipped about fake iPhones arriving from Beijing by the U.S. authorities who had confiscated some of the counterfeits.

The rising popularity of the iPhone worldwide and in China itself has led to a huge rise of fake iPhones being manufactured in the country. The counterfeit units are then exported to other countries and are sold at prices that are lower than what Apple sells the iPhone for to lure lesser known consumers.



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