AT&T reportedly raising upgrade fees to $45, adding $15 activation fee to new Next and BYOP customers on August 1

U.S. carrier AT&T is going to increase activation fee for both contract subscribers and new Next customers, Droid-Life reported Wednesday. Upgrade fee will rise to $45 for those signing up for a one or two-year contract versus the previous $40 activation fee, the publication has learned from sources. As if that weren’t enough, the carrier will impose an all-new $15 activation fee on Next and Bring-Your-Own-Phone customers beginning August 1.

“Going forward after August 1, should you choose to sign-up for a new contract to receive a discounted phone, you will pay $5 more than you used to,” explains the article.

For existing subscribers, AT&T will reportedly grandfather them in, which means they shouldn’t need to pay the upgrade fee/Next/BYOP activation fee with their next device. However, AT&T’s view on that is “subject to change” at any point in the future, so AT&T subscribers that have already upgraded before August 1 could see those fees attached sometime down the road, despite being grandfathered in.

The carrier will reportedly waive the $15 fee for current Next customers who have an active installment plan prior to August 1 on their next upgrade. On the other hand, this policy is subject to change so grandfathered Next customers could easily be slapped with the $15 fee anytime during their upgrade cycle.

Source: Droid-Life


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