Apple Watch Launches in New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey

Earlier this morning at 7:01am local time, Apple’s wrist-worn device went on sale in three new markets: New Zealand, Russia and Turkey. The Apple Watch is available through the Apple Online Store in New Zealand, Russia and Turkey, in addition to select non-Apple locations.

In Turkey, for example, the device is also available via company-woned brick-and-mortar stores at the Zorlu Center and Akasya Shopping Center in Istanbul. In Russia, the Apple Watch is available for walk-in customers at iPort, Re:Store and C-store outlets. And in New Zealand, the Apple Watch can be purchased in select Apple Stores.

Apple Watch prices in New Zealand, Turkey and Russia are as follows: New Zealand

New Zealand
  • Apple Watch Sport: NZ$599 to NZ$699 (USD$396 to USD$462)
  • Apple Watch: NZ$949 to NZ$1,949 (USD$627-USD$1,287)
  • Apple Watch Edition: NZ$17,500 to NZ$30,000 (USD$11,555 to USD$19,817)

  • Apple Watch Sport: 23,990RUB to 27,990RUB (USD$422 to USD$493)
  • Apple Watch: 37,990RUB to 78,990RUB (USD$668 to USD$1,390)
  • Apple Watch Edition: 660,000RUB to 1,120,000RUB (USD$11,613 to USD$19,707)
  • Apple Watch Sport: 1,249TRY to 1,399TRY (USD$464 to USD$520)
  • Apple Watch: 1,999TRY to 3,899TRY (USD$742 to USD$1,447)
  • Apple Watch Edition: 34,000TRY to 56,000TRY (USD$12,628 to USD$20,787)


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