Apple debuts ‘Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone’ web campaign

Apple on Friday kicked off a new interesting web campaign on its website which strives to lay out the reasons for the iPhone’s uniqueness.

This new marketing campaign is focused on the web (for now), with a focus on “Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone.” It would appear to be a natural extension of the “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” campaign that the company launched earlier in July, and added to not too long ago. The page is segregated into different sections, that, when scrolled to, shows a detailed animation about a particular area that Apple is focusing on, which range from hardware, to the camera, to the software.
“Every iPhone we’ve made — and we mean every single one — was built on the same belief. That a phone should be more than a collection of features. That, above all, a phone should be absolutely simple, beautiful, and magical to use.“
Apple also focuses on security, its resistance to malicious software, the App Store, Apple Pay and several other areas of interest. The iPhone has certainly become a staple for not only the company that built the device, but also the mobile industry as a whole, as the company has shown over and over again.

Source: Apple 


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