Amazon has been removed as a payment option from Cydia

If you’ve tried to make a purchase on Cydia lately, you may have noticed one big difference with the available payment options. Amazon is no longer available as a means to make payment, leaving only PayPal as an option.

This means that the only way you can purchase packages is through PayPal.

While I always use PayPal as a means of payment in Cydia, some people would prefer Amazon. This is because it allowed you to set a maximum dollar amount for authorization. Once you have reached that limit, you will then be required to re-authorize your Amazon account. This is not the case with PayPal as you have to authorize every time you’d like to make a purchase which is something that I don’t like about it.

Frankly, Saurik was forced to remove Amazon payment from Cydia due to the reason that Amazon closed its Flexible Payments option today.
Amazon Flexible Payments closed its doors as of noon today US Pacific time, and, frankly, I must say “good riddance”: I have had tons of issues with them, from technical blunders to credit fraud (enough that I actually recommend closing your account!); they even were not able to do simple things like update the address they have on file for my business despite me trying to get them to send my tax forms to “actually me” for years :/.
Amazon has a replacement solution called Login and Pay with Amazon, but it is both cost prohibitive and, to be quite honest, still run by Amazon, which is a major turn-off for me at this point :/. (Humorously, I actually only looked at its pricing last night to notice how expensive it was, despite having been arguing with Amazon about this very service since before they had made it public that they were even in the process of building it.)
I think it’s very important to have at least two payment options available, and to make such a payment option as frictionless as possible. Not only will this ease headaches for those of us looking to purchase our favorite Cydia tweaks, but it will help reduce the urge to take the pirate route in the process.

Note: you may still see amazon as a payment option if you previously established a set dollar amount for authorization, but as soon as you reach the threshold or clear payment information, the amazon option will disappear completely.


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