Taylor Swift has announced her album ‘1989’ will be available through Apple Music

Well, good PR doesn’t get any better than this. Following a week of back and forth between Apple and Taylor Swift over royalty payments during Apple Music’s free trial, the popular pop musician and actress said her top-selling album “1989” will stream on Apple’s service, which launches next Tuesday.

“After the events of this week, I’ve decided to put ‘1989’ on Apple Music,” she wrote on Twitter.

Now, Taylor Swift has also confirmed that she’ll be making a change, too. Earlier today on Twitter, Swift announced that “1989” will indeed be available via Apple Music. On top of that, she added that her decision to add the album was a happy one, and it will more than likely make quite a few Apple Music subscribers happy, too:

Some had speculated that Swift would not put the album in Apple Music anyway, despite Apple’s change of heart, but it would appear that isn’t the case. Now, for anyone that plans on listening to Swift’s full catalog of music through Apple Music when it launches on June 30, they’ll be able to — “1989” included.

Her fifth studio album, “1989” was described by Swift herself as her “first documented official pop album” marking a notable stylistic departure from the country music of her previous albums.

For those wondering, the album title was inspired by the pop-music scene of the 1980s and particularly Swift’s birth year. Swift, 25, collaborated on “1989” with producers Max Martin and Shellback.

“1989” was a huge commercial success for Swift and is the best-selling album in the United States after selling more than five million copies since its November 2014 release.

Source: Taylor Swift


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