TaiG team warns users not to install leaked TaiG 2.1.0/2.1.1 Jailbreak packages

TaiG has commented on the “leaks” of its TaiG jailbreak tool and the untether debian package that has spread like wildfire on the Internet this evening. Earlier today, it was discovered by a reddit users that TaiG had uploaded new versions of its tool to the official TaiG server. In fact, the naming convention, which follows a naming standard, made it extremely easy to guess the exact location of the file.

On Chinese microblogging site Weibo, TaiG is advising against using these leaked files, as they are only for testing, and not official versions. It states that only the initial 2.0.0 version was an official release.

The leaked packages could cause icon disappearance bug, and hence should be avoided. They are currently working with Saurik to fix the UI cache issue and will release an update soon. Here’s TaiG team’s statement on their Weibo account (Google translated):
Fellow users, circulated on the Internet today, the new installation package some TaiG, TaiG beta package or false package, not the official version, tai chi currently only officially released the official version V2.0.0 jailbreak tool. Please be patient, we will release the new version as soon as possible and the first time in the microblogging to inform you. Sorry to keep you waiting.
Suggest that you do not download the beta package spread out, because there are application icon missing bug, the official version will be fixed. We are working with Saurik (Cydia Author) UI cache solve problems, solutions complete the new version can be released.
Users were eager to get their hands on these packages which allegedly fix Cydia Substrate issues. The fix allows them to install jailbreak tweaks and use them without any problem. If you haven’t used the leaked packages yet, it’s recommended that you stay away from it and wait for the team to release an official jailbreak update. 


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