Popups for Apple Music Begin Appearing in iOS 8.4 Beta

Apple Music won’t officially launch until June 30, but it is already appearing in Apple’s latest iOS 8.4 beta, which rolled out to registered developers on Tuesday. Users have found popups advertising the service when they open the app, but they cannot actually sign up just yet.

“All the ways you love music. All in one place,” reads the ad, which appears when you first open the Music app in the iOS 8.4 beta. Users then have three options: Start a 3-month free trial, continue to their music library, or switch to Apple Music from Beats Music.

If you attempt to start a 3-month trial now, Apple will ask which plan — individual at $9.99, or family at $14.99 — you wish to subscribe to. However, you cannot continue past this point right now, so there’s no way to begin enjoying Apple Music early.
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[via MacRumors]


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