iOS 8 vs iOS 9 [UI Changes]

iOS 9 comes with new features like Proactive Assistant, Transit directions in Maps, enhanced multitasking for iPad and lots more. In addition to all of these features and the hidden one. iOS 9 also comes with few user interface (UI) changes that doesn't exist in iOS 8.

So right now we are going to show you what new UI changes can be noticed in iOS 9..

1)New Font

Apple has replaced the Helvetica Nue font with the Apple Watch ‘San Francisco’ font in iOS 9. The San Francisco font is better than Helvetica Nue as I find it sharper and offers improved visibility.

2)Redesigned Podcast app

The Podcast app has been redesigned in iOS 9. You have a new tab called Unplayed, which as the name suggests displays a timeline of all the unplayed episodes from your favorite podcasts. You can tap on the episode to immediately start playing it.

The Now Playing screen has also been redesigned. You don’t have a toolbar at the top with the share button. Instead the artwork of the podcast stretches to the top of the screen, which gives some more space to other UI elements.
3) App Switcher

Not only is multitasking much-improved in iOS 9, but switching between apps is a lot better, too.

Apple has overhauled the app switcher with a new card-like view, with apps that stack on top of one another, rather than side-by-side. The cards are also a lot bigger as Apple has also got rid of the Recent and Favorite Contacts from the app switcher, which wasn’t popular with most users.
4)Spotlight Search

The Spotlight interface has been tweaked in iOS 9. When you swipe down on the Home screen, the search bar comes with rounded corners with a quick launch icon for Voice Dictation. Apple has also got rid of the grayish background for the search bar and instead has the same translucent background as the rest of the screen.

You also have a new screen dedicated to Spotlight, which you can access by swiping to left on the first Home screen, similar to the Spotlight feature in iOS 9. Siri now powers the Search feature on the iPhone and iPad and gives you even more answers such as the sports scores and schedules, weather forecasts, stock prices, and even simple math and conversions.

5)Battery usage details

The Battery Usage can now be found under Settings > Battery instead of Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Battery Usage has a new hidden feature. When you tap on the detail view icon, it displays the amount of on-screen time and background time for each app or process. It can be quite helpful in figuring out which apps are draining battery life.
6) Siri UI

Siri UI has been redesigned with a cool new animation when you launch it. It looks a lot like Siri on the Apple Watch.
7)Search in Settings app

Yes you can now search in the settings app for the settings you want instead of going through different pages..
8) Picture-in-Picture

Another method of multitasking on iPad is with Picture-in-Picture, which puts videos inside their own little window that floats above other apps. So you can watch a movie or a documentary while you browse the web, chat to friends in Facebook Messenger, browse Twitter, and more.

Picture-in-Picture windows are resizable, and it’s easy to switch between fullscreen and Picture in Picture mode on the fly, without having to pause or restart your video.


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