How to create a bootable OS X El Capitan USB flash drive

In case you are thinking of putting OS X El Capitan on a USB flash drive that you don't use it.. Keep in mind that creating a bootable USB flash drive has many benefits and uses. For starters, it makes it easy to install a fresh copy of whatever operating system you have configured on the drive. Secondly, it makes it easy to install an operating system on a separate partition, or on a virtual machine. Lastly, it’s just smart business to always have a quickly accessible and portable installation media laying around.

Right now and in this post we are going to show a step-by-step guide for how to create a bootable OS X El Capitan USB flash drive..

NOTE: You must have at least an 8GB usb flash drive..

Step 1: Connect the flash drive to your Mac

Step 2: Download and install the latest version of DiskMakerX

Step 3: Run DiskMakerX

Step 4: Click Yosemite (10.10) since there is no option available for El Capitan currently

Step 5: Click Select an Install file…

Step 6: In the Applications folder, select Install OS X 10.11 and click Choose

Step 7: Click An 8 GB USB thumb drive

Step 8: Select your USB flash drive and click Choose this disk

Step 9: Click Erase then create the disk

Step 10: Click Continue

Step 11: Enter your administrator password when requested

Step 12: Once the process is completed, click Quit

You can now eject your USB key and keep it handy for future usage. You may choose to rename the name of the drive to El Capitan instead of Yosemite. Since DiskMakerX doesn’t yet have an El Capitan option, it will name it Yosemite.


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