First iPhone without physical Home button reportedly not arriving before 2017

Earlier on June 22, a report surfaced that suggested Apple is developing an iPhone without a physical Home button equipped on the front.

Instead of this physical button, as we’ve all grown to expect on an iPhone ever since its debut years ago, the Home button would actually be integrated into the phone’s display. Now, according to a new report recently published by Apple Insider, and citing an unnamed source, the company is indeed planning on launching an iPhone with a “radical redesign,” but that the device isn’t going to show up before 2017.

The report indicates that anything could change between then and now, but that this new design is indeed on the company’s road map, and that they are working in that direction. They would not be ditching the secure Touch ID, though, according to the report. Apple would need to be working on a way to keep that technology integrated, which means the fingerprint reader would have to be read somewhere else on the device.

The Home button is a vital element to the design of the iPhone, but more so as a tool for interaction with the software, so it would be interesting to see how Apple evolves the mobile platform to adopt a lack of the physical button. Of course, Force Touch could work in this regard, thanks to its multi-layered functionality. Reports suggest Apple could include Force Touch in its iPhone lineup as early as the iPhone 6s, which is expected to be announced later this year. That would give Apple time to put even more features into the function by the time the company removes the physical Home button.

What do you think of the design idea?

[via Apple Insider]


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