Apple to Announce U.K. Apple Pay Launch at WWDC?

A report from The Telegraph claims that Apple will be announcing its plans to bring Apple Pay to the United Kingdom at WWDC next week. The launch, however, will only happen in summer this year (i.e. within two months).

The Silicon Valley giant is expected to make the announcement on Monday in San Francisco at its annual jamboree for software developers, industry sources say. The service will be switched on in around two months, they said.
Notably, much of the infrastructure needed for Apple Pay is already in place and companies in the U.K. such as Transport for London are already accepting Apple Pay for U.S. travelers.

Mike Cowan, a senior executive at MasterCard, tells the site that the company is “absolutely ready” to support Apple Pay in the UK. “That’s one of the advantages of doing this on a global platform, it takes a couple of days.”

Apple is also expected to expand its mobile payments platform to other countries in the near future, including Canada.

[Via The Telegraph]


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