Apple Music officially announced

Apple Music was one of the most oft-rumored new additions to Apple’s services leading up to the Worldwide Developers Conference.

And now the service is officially official, with Apple unveiling the new music streaming service during the conference’s keynote. Part of that announcement is Apple Music Connect, which will let artists connect to fans, and fans connect to artists, much like a Ping-like social networking experience, but focused on the content.

Apple Music is all your playlists, recommendations, radio stations with celebrity DJs, streaming music, the Connect feature that’s basically artists pages with information about their songs, behind-the-scenes videos, news updates and more, all available through one app.

Apple Music is “All the ways you love music, all in one place.”

It’s three things:
  • Revolutionary music service
  • 24/7 global radio
  • Connecting fans with artists
Revolutionary music service
Apple Music is curated by hand-picked experts to help create the magic of what app comes up next, depending on your activity, mood and a number of other criteria.

All your purchase music and playlists created on Macs and iOS devices are included in the My Music section of Apple Music. Another new tab is For You, a personalized playlists of artists and songs that Apple’s team of experts thinks you’ll love, with a little help of the iTunes recommendation engine.

24/7 global radio
They’re calling it Beats One.
As for the global radio, they’re using celebrity DJs in three major cities—New York, Los Angeles and London—that provides great music “without any restriction.”


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