Apple launches new Apple Developer Program to combine iOS and Mac developer programs

Apple has just broken cover on its new One Membership, which allows developers to sign up for a single Apple Developer Program membership, and gain the ability to develop and publish apps for not only iOS, but also watchOS 2, and OS X. With this membership, developers gain the tools necessary to not only develop the app, but also release it into its appropriate app store, as well as manage the app(s) after they are released:

“The new Apple Developer Program combines everything you need to develop, distribute, and manage your apps on all Apple platforms into one single program, making it easier than ever to bring your creativity to over a billion customers around the world.“
This new membership program is available beginning today, with Apple opening the enrollment immediately following the end of its keynote. There are options for enrolling as an individual or as an organization, with the latter needing a bit more information to get accepted into the program.

The new developer program still costs $99 per year, but for all of the platforms this time around. 


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