Apple introduces News: a beautiful Flipboard-like app based on your interests

Apple News, which was reported on just before the start of this year’s WWDC keynote, is now official.

Apple News is now official, with a new way to check out the news from a wide-range of sources, including WIRED, the New York Times, and plenty of other sources as well. The news pieces will be animated, allowing for a wide range of content, with animated images, content that scrolls lively, and with content that can actually slide into the article as well.

The News app will be built-in, and it will support photos and videos as well.

News will also feature a “photo mosaic” feature as well, allowing for users to see the images included with a news article in full-view, easily navigable fashion.

News will rollout in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia later this year.


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