Apple HomeKit support coming to Philips Hue this fall, current lights will be supported

Philips Hue, a personal wireless lighting system that we reviewed thoroughly, will get updated with support for Apple’s home automation platform called HomeKit, the company confirmed Monday in a post on Facebook.

While that’s good enough for most people, for those owners out there in the world that want a bit more control, or ease of use, with their smart lightbulbs, HomeKit will make that possible. Recently, Philips confirmed that the company’s lineup of Hue-branded lightbulbs will get HomeKit support sometime this fall.

On top of that, and good news for those that already purchased Hue lightbulbs, is that the current light sources will be compatible with HomeKit as well. While Philips is officially making the announcement now, the company said that more detailed information regarding the upgrade will be provided in September of this year.

The smart home controls via HomeKit include locking a smart door, turning off lights, closing a garage and more, all using Siri’s voice control technology.

HomeKit offers a plethora of other cool features, such as the ability to control your home appliances remotely through the Apple TV (or a dedicated device) acting as a HomeKit hub, scenes that let you chain multiple devices and actions together, data encryption, strong security and more.


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